Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Office Pictures

Well I finally got some pictures posted. The first picture is of me at my desk. There are no cubicles with high sides here, you can hear people's phone conversations from all over but the workers don't seem to mind.

The other pictures are around the office in different areas. It was designed to have a very traditional Chinese style with a carp pond and fancy paintings. It is really a treat to be able to work in such a unique place. The ponds have a small waterfall into them and fish swimming around.

In the second and third pictures you can see the tea drinking area. I have been told that this is where they can take important clients to talk business but I haven't seen it used yet. I want to try it before I go! The very small tea cups are on the table and the pads around the table are where you sit. Also notice the stepping stones to get out to the deck.

The last picture is of the top of the stairs, there are two huge fake trees that act as pillars. They are pretty lifelike so it feels like you are working outside!

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